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  2. May 2017

Trusting a fitness professional is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Lots of people within the fitness world can get you excited about seeing results especially when you commit to a fitness program and start eating a more balanced diet but it’s the things you don’t see that you should focus on. Training with someone who is a license...

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How many times has someone told you don’t forget to stretch? Well in today’s day and age what does that exactly mean? Static stretching, dynamic stretching, rolling, self-myofacial release? It’s not just what’s appropriate but it all depends on whether it’s before, during or after your exercise routine that makes a big difference. While t...

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I recall years ago sitting down with my personal trainer and reviewing my fitness calendar and his response was “Where is your rest day?” What rest day I thought!?! Why would I rest…I want to get stronger and faster!?! After reading numerous articles about the importance of rest days I took his advice and we built my training program with a w...

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years is that you cannot out train a bad diet and believe me I’ve tried LOL! I hear clients mentioning that they want to start a cleanse or implementing a diet yielding some pretty severe calorie restrictions and I cringe on how to level with them! Most of these fads or quick fix diets are not only o...

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