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The general consensus when people see me is that I probably do not know what a candy bar even looks like let alone tastes like but the truth of the matter is I indulge more than people know. When people spot me eating desserts or enjoying myself at an outing (which normally let’s be honest, we celebrate special occasions with food – behavioral and social influence on food choice is huge) people always ask what my secrets are and how I am able to live in a state free of deprivation and enjoy desserts/special meals while still maintaining trim. My answer to them isn’t what I’m doing workout wise or even what I’m eating but it’s WHEN I’m eating it that matters most.

Just like fueling pre-and post workout is a science so is blood sugar level maintenance. I never get to the point of hunger and typically eat an average of 5-7 times per day. Why? Once the body signals signs of hunger the metabolism has already been comprised and your risk of a making quick/poor choices (a.k.a. calorie dense junk foods) is almost inevitable as is the subsequent crash/energy zap that’s sure to follow. Not only will you feel drained of all your energy but chances are the vicious cycle will continue as you will reach for additional calorie dense pick-me-ups as a result of that blood sugar level roller coaster you enabled. An easy way to grasp the concept of metabolic rate is a simple as lighting a campfire. First thing in the morning you add fuel to the fire and get a roaring flame going. Before the fire has a chance to burn out, you add fuel to keep it lit. If you’re on top if it and make sure to add fuel to the fire before it has the chance to die down well then you could have a roaring flame all day long and even enjoy some s’mores here and there too!!


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