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Professional Elite Running Coach Larry Blaylock
(yes you’ll meet him…he’s already agreed to come out and kick our butts!!”

Amanda, founder of the 805 Fitness Fanatics, has trained with some of the best athletes over the years. From elite professional running coaches to three-pete national bikini champions she’s learned many different elements pertaining to physical fitness. She prides herself in being an avid runner, having completed the half marathon distance over 100 times and has run countless other races ranging in distance from 5Ks to the full marathon.

“I’ve always been passionate about fitness but fitness really became an every day necessity for me after crossing the finish line in San Jose at the Rock N’ Roll San Jose Inaugural Half Marathon back in 2006. Crossing that finish line fueled an over decade long addiction in wanting to know every last piece of information pertaining to the sport from building endurance, strength training and fueling properly before and after training to maximize the benefits and set records. On countless occasion members of my family said I was a fitness fanatic and I took it as a compliment!! Hence the name 805 Fitness Fanatics!!

When I wasn’t running I was downloading running music, reading articles to support/training injury prevention, attending running performance workshops, helping to cue and choreograph workouts and of course running and working out myself!!  While I’ve had some incredible times ranging from breaking into the 1:30s in the half marathon to the 3:40s in the full, I realized that the races and parts of my life where I felt the most fulfilled were not my own fastest times or personal bests but those memories that involved helping others.

I feel so privileged that I had the opportunity to help as a mentor with the Team Challenge Greater Los Angeles division, was able to run alongside friends and family pacing them out to their own personal bests and getting them to grow to love running, motivate complete strangers on the street, and even pushed my own two daughters through their own first half marathon at the ages of two (Aubrie) and three (Brianne) in August 2016. (Big thank you to Maggie Kestly for helping me on the uphills of the wash!! Pushing 115 lbs. uphill is the real deal LOL!!)

Now with the close of the 805 Bootcamp I have the biggest shoes possible to fulfill and I plan to do everything in my power to keep this group alive and moving. Many campers came to me in dismay that they either didn’t want to go back into a gym setting or what was far worse was several mentioned they might not continue anything after camp closed. Hearing people slam the door on such a positive and healthy aspect of their lives I knew I had to act and I vowed to do whatever it took to make sure that each and every participant had a reason to continue leading a healthy and active lifestyle. While there is never an opportune time to take on huge responsibility, I am beyond thrilled to help motivate them to conquer all of their health and fitness goals, provide a fun, friendly and challenging workout and be there before, during and after class to help them in their fitness journey whatever it is they wish to achieve!”

2016 Arroyo Creek Half Marathon
Brianne/Aubrie’s Official Time: 1:55:23