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If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years is that you cannot out train a bad diet and believe me I’ve tried LOL! I hear clients mentioning that they want to start a cleanse or implementing a diet yielding some pretty severe calorie restrictions and I cringe on how to level with them! Most of these fads or quick fix diets are not only often times unsafe but they can hinder the metabolic rate and therefore slow the weight loss process dramatically! In a perfect world there would be a magic pill or solution to shedding fat and losing weight effortless but the bottom line is you have to watch what you’re eating and make sensible decisions.


I use an 80/20 approach when it comes to nutrition. Most days I focus on eating several small meals to maintain blood sugar levels. This will help you from becoming ravenous and reaching for those high carb/high sugar snacks that will inevitably make you crash! Personally I love to indulge here and there and why not!?! Life’s too short to feel daily deprivation! So have your treats here and there and focus on making at least 80% of all of my food choices nutritious. It’s not just how you look but how you feel and when you fuel your body with whole foods as opposed to processed/packaged garbage or high carb/high sugar crash-a-thon choices your energy level, skin, and overall health can greatly improve.

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