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– Please bring two 5# weights for women and 2 10# weights for men – Hexagon weights are ideal as they keep from rolling away or slipping while balancing during some exercises.

2) A MAT

– All newcomers receive a free mat with their first tour – we sell additional mats for $25 or you are welcome to bring your own. We use the mats on several hard surfaces such as cement, dirt, rocks etc. so the thicker the better.


– We do a fair amount of running and/or brisk walking, planks, push-ups, burpees and exercises of that nature that require a sturdy toe box so we recommend a cross-trainer style running shoe. There are several great running shoe stores nearby. The following two we highly recommend: Foot Pursuit in Simi Valley and Road Runner Sports of Newbury Park. Both have excellent knowledge on the appropriate shoes suitable for outdoor fitness and provide a free GAIT analysis to ensure you have a good fit/proper pair of shoes.


– It’s best to wear clothing that isn’t too tight so you can move freely. Summer is ideal for lighter colors to help keep you cooler while darker colors trap light and are better for the winter as they help you keep warm. We encourage bright colors especially on the trails or when it isn’t light out to keep our participants visible and safe. Hats are a great option for sun protection and head coverings can keep you warmer in the winter months. You are going to sweat, so you may be more comfortable in material that soaks up wetness. Try a synthetic, like polypropylene or synthetic blends. Cotton may be less comfortable especially in colder conditions because it stays wet longer.

For the ladies please make sure you have a supportive sports bra which can help protect your breasts and keep them from bouncing painfully while exercising. Try on a few to see which style you prefer. If you need help finding the right fit, ask for help in a department store or at one of the shoes stores listed above as they have several great styles to choose from.



Please get to class early so we can get you in the right place. We are a friendly group so rest assured if you are confused about anything we will all work together to make sure you have an awesome experience.

Please do not bring any valuables to class such as cell phones, wallets, purses etc. as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. It’s best to leave your valuables at home to ensure they are safe. If you are leaving your valuables in your car please make sure they are not easily visible as we do not want your car broken into.



If you would like to bring a guest to class please call to schedule with us in advance to ensure the day you would like to bring them is a good fit for the new person. We can then connect with them so they can fill out all the proper forms and get to know that person and any physical limitations they might have prior to class.

If you have a free guest pass or it is during bring a guest week there is no fee for the class. If you do not have a promotional flyer the class is the standard $20 Drop-In Charge. If the guest decided to join the tour the $20 is refunded and applied towards the tour.



Once you register the calendar for the upcoming session will be emailed to you in a protected PDF. Each session a new password will be generated and sent to you along with the PDF. Please keep the schedule confidential.



Attendance is very important to us which is why we offer a discount if you graduate from our program. Each day you are present you earn 1 credit towards graduation. You must earn a minimum number of credits in order to graduate but we do understand sometimes life gets in the way or illness arises. If this is the case we are happy to provide you with alternatives such as in home workouts or other local community events such as local running races to earn credits towards graduation.



We want you to make a commitment to your fitness goals, which is why we reward you with a discounted graduation rate for earning a minimum number of credits per session. Consistency is key!! Each session the last day will be a combined graduation ceremony/workout where we will acknowledge those who made the investment in their health and physical fitness to receive enough credits to graduate. You will be rewarded with a special commemorative dog tag each session you earn enough credits to graduate with the chance to earn a special prize each 5 sessions completed! Just our way of saying thank you for becoming fanatic about fitness with us and making a commitment towards your health and fitness goals!!


If you are a returning fanatic the registration process is a breeze! Please feel free to call, text or email with which time slot you are signing up for and if you are a fairly fanatic or full-blown fitness fanatic! We’ll put you on the roster and email you over the calendar!



We know firsthand that sometimes the week between each new session doesn’t always line up with your vacation plans and we don’t want you to be penalized as a result of that. If you need a full week’s vacation throughout the course of the program, we are happy to provide you with traveling workout ideas to keep you moving and earning camp credits while you’re away! If the logistics of working out won’t work well while on vacation, we want you to enjoy your vacation! Please let us know in advance of your travel dates and we will simply deduct the week’s worth of camp credits so your graduation discount/status will not be impacted.



We want you to get your spouses and family into the great outdoors and become fanatic about fitness with us, which is why we offer 25% off of their enrollment ongoing. We get that an all-inclusive fitness and nutrition program can be a big investment so we want to help make it as affordable as possible for you and your entire family to truly make it a family affair!!



One of the greatest compliments that we can receive is a referral from one of our clients!! If you are a happy camper 🙂 and recommend the program to one of your friends then we want to say thank you with a free week of camp!! Please make sure your referral notes they were referred by you when they enroll into the program and we will credit you a full week towards your next tour as our way of saying thanks so much for spreading the word!!