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We provide a well-rounded outdoor fitness program, which incorporates muscle strength and endurance training (HIIT, plyometrics, TRX, weights/bands) as well as stability/flexibility exercises to keep the kinetic chain functioning properly and injuries at bay. We constantly change the workouts and locations to keep things fresh and offer group trail days to explore all the beauty Simi Valley has to offer!

Whether you are a complete beginner or already a fitness fanatic at heart our program is designed to accommodate all different fitness levels. Whatever your health and fitness goals might be we provide a fun, challenging and dynamic workout that will push you towards your goals. The founder of the 805 Fitness Fanatics is a licensed Fitness Nutrition Specialist with the American Council on Exercise and will be providing complimentary nutritional guidance along with nutrition journals to help keep you on track and feeling your best!

If you are a returning fanatic the registration process is a breeze! Please feel free to call, text or email with which time slot you are signing up for and if you are a fairly fanatic or full-blown fitness fanatic! We’ll put you on the roster and email you over the calendar! Want to get your spouse or family member fanatic about fitness with you!?! We’d love to have them and offer an affordable family plan to truly make it a family affair!! We offer any additional family members (spouse, brother, sister, daughter, son etc.) added on at an additional 25% off their enrollment ongoing. To purchase a family plan please call or email us as our special Family Fanatic pricing plans are not available online.

5 Week – Fairly Fanatic
5 Week – Fitness Fanatic
6 Week – Fairly Fanatic
6 Week – Fitness Fanatic